7 Great tools to optimize your website

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Website optimization (not to be confused with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of systematically improving the performance of your website to meet your business objectives. Whether your goal is to get more leads, sales, or reduce customer service phone calls, website optimization can be used to make your website more effective at meeting those goals.

SEO is but one component, albeit a very important one, of the website optimization process. In order to reach the top of the a Search Engine Results Page (and stay there!), your website must deserve to be there. It needs to be the best in class. It must offer the best CONTENT and the best user experience (UX) in your particular niche.

Great content is hard and there are very few tools that help. Fortunately, there are a number of free tools that can help you improve your user experience. Here are 7 great tools to optimize your website.

Website Grader by Hubspot: website.grader.com
Found SEO Audit Tool: www.found.co.uk/seo-tool/
SEMrush’s Site Audit: www.semrush.com/features/site-audit/
GTmetrix Performance Report: gtmetrix.com
Google Pagespeed Insights: developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
SEO Site Checkup: seositecheckup.com
Similar Web Website insights: www.similarweb.com

Content might be king, but if you can’t deliver that content to your readers quickly and effectively, it doesn’t matter how good your content is. To quote Carolyn Shelby, the Director of SEO for the Chicago Tribune, “Skipping the basics and spending all your time and money on social and ‘fancy stuff’ is the same as skipping brushing your teeth and showering, but buying white strips and wearing expensive cologne.” You need to sweat the small (read technical!) stuff. You need to make sure your website works, and works well.

So dig in. Get yourself a strong cup of coffee and run your website though each of these tools, then follow their recommendations. And if you can’t, hire somebody to do it for you. The small investment you make to optimize your site will return to you ten, twenty, one-hundred fold as your site climbs higher and higher up the search engine results pages.

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