Pay Per Click Management

Google Adwords Campaign Management

Our specialist team of Google Adwords experts works closely with our digital marketing strategists to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads or any other paid online media campaign.
Google AdWords and paid promotions on Facebook are specialized links on text or images that are displayed in selected positions on Google's result pages and on Facebook's stream. Paid links can drive traffic to your website based on the demographics you choose and, when done right, are a cost effective means to tell consumers about your products and services.

At Loft44 we use a number of different tools to analyze and broaden the range of keywords for your paid search campaigns. Keyword and negative keyword selection are vital to ensure the optimal performance of your pay-per-click campaigns.

Our conversion analysis provides us with a measure of how well your pages match the ads you are running, and how visitors to your website react to your content. It allows us to measure the efficiency of your pages to the ads, and vice versa, so we can optimize your ROI.

Have clear goals for each campaign

The most important part of any Adwords or Facebook campaign is to have a clear goal in mind. At Loft44 we define your company's campaign goals together with you and design your ads to best meet your goals.

Keep your target customer in mind

We help you make sure your ads will attract the attention of your audience, convince your audience that they desire your product, lead the right customers to click on your ads and then ensure they find what they are looking for on your website.

Don't mislead customers

We help make sure you don't mislead your audience in your ads, that your ads are only being displayed for relevant queries, and that each ad is entirely relevant for the landing page you're promoting.

Keep testing and optimizing your ads

At Loft44 we help your company to get the best results by creating variations of your ads and then monitoring which ads get the best click through rate, the lowest cost per click, the highest number of conversions. We keep only those ads that are performing well, and start the process over again.