Big Ben English

Big Ben English is and English learning website based on simple memorization techniques. Big Ben English's goal is to stimulate all the senses and activate our internal strategies for association and imagination and to facilitate accelerated learning. Lessons are filled with humor, crazy characters and tricks and tips for language learning that will make your studies a pleasure and not a chore!

The Challenge

Ben Parry Davies has been an English teacher for almost 30 years and is the author of a best selling series of ESL books. Ben asked Loft44 to develop a website and online strategy so he could provide turn his books into online classes, as well as sell his books online.

The Solution

Loft44 built Ben a website with and integrated online store and course delivery system integrated with an email management system. We set up his social media accounts for him and created a blog so he could create free content to help him market his courses online.

Website Design


Social Media