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Search Engine Optimization

Loft44 has helped hundreds clients to get their websites onto the first page of Google's search results and, even better, has hundreds more keywords and phrases that rank as the number one search result on Google.

At Loft44 we love what we do, and there is no bigger and more exciting challenge than helping our clients to get their websites into that number 1 position in Google's search results. If we can get our client's website into that number 1 position on Google it means that we are the best at what we do. It's a challenge. Google is constantly updating their algorithm so we need to keep studying, keep analysing and keep getting better. Our clients challenge us, our competitors challenge us and Google challenges us. It's a great place to work. We love it. Let us help you get your website into Google's coveted number 1 search spot.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?


Research is the key to successful SEO. We do keyword and phrase research to identify the keyword phrases that will be used in for your website, then combine that information with competitor and marketing research to find an optimized combination of two critical factors for SEO: high search usage and low competition.

OnPage Optimization

The fundamentals of good on-page optimization are simple, provide high quality content and comply to all technical specifications so that you can communicate effectively with search engines as to what content you are providing. It's not magic. It's simple SEO best practices. And it's what we do, and we do it well so that you rank well in search.

Planning and Implementation

Search engine optimization is not a once off process that works forever. The major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. Your competitors are constantly updating their content. At Loft44 we keep your website up to date and your content fresh and relevant so you keep you ahead of the game.

“I think the foremost quality – there’s no success without it – is really loving what you do. If you love it, you do it well, and there’s no success if you don’t do well what you’re working at.”

Macolm Forbes

At Loft44 our clients receive a monthly report showing them how they have improved their SEO and what sort of results they are seeing in terms of visualizations and clicks in search. Although each client and each project is different, the fundamentals of search engine optimization are the same. We monitor your website and the search results that are sending visitors to your site, along with your respective bounce rates, conversion rates and most visited pages so we can optimize your digital marketing strategy to maximize the return on your investment.

One of the most controversial SEO tasks is probably link building. Link building is about getting other websites to link to yours. Ranking at the top of search results is a popularity contest and Google and the other search engines measure popularity by the number of other websites that link to your content. There are also technical considerations to link building. Getting links to your site with keywords in that link text will help you rank specifically for the keywords that are linked to. At Loft44 one of our core capabilities is getting you links so that you rank higher than your competitors in search.

Keyword Analysis

One of the most Important SEO elements is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

Detailed Reports

Loft44's SEO audit includes a detailed report of the problems present in your website and how you can go about fixing these problems. It will also include a list of keyword opportunities for your business in your specific market and how you can act on those opportunities.